Strut Boss


Created with hand-picked Northwest Indiana walnut wood. Our calls are custom handcrafted and made proudly in the USA. The Strut Boss is designed and handcrafted with quality you can hear. This slate over glass walnut pot call creates realistic turkey sounds that we know that if properly used, will help you fill your tag, kill more strutting gobblers on those cold crisp spring mornings, and quickly become your go to turkey call.

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Instructions: Hold the call away from your body and cup it with your fingers holding the outside of the pot. Hold the striker as if you were writing with a pencil at approximately a 20 degree angle. Use the basic guide below to produce specific sounds.

Yelp: Make small circles ½” to 1” in length. Or you can make a “J” shape.

Cluck: Pull the striker toward you about 1/8” to 1” with light pressure.

Purr: Pull the striker toward you a half-circle with light pressure.

Cutting: Pull the striker toward you ¼” to 3/8”. Apply more or less pressure with striker to achieve desired turkey sound.

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